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                    The second stop of 2017, the 30th Blue Bojia Fair in Xi'an, Shaanxi, and Rui Boen’s new debut at the Xi’an Blue Bo’s Expo
                     Time:2017-07-06   View:

                    On March 4-5, the 30th Lanbojia Fair was held in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. Ruiboen's new style was invited to participate in the exhibition.

                    Xi'an Home Fair is a home brand exhibition supported by the Xi'an government industry department and industry association. It is jointly organized by the Xi'an Construction Committee Decoration Office and Xi'an Evening News Agency. It is organized by Xi'an Orbit Exhibition Co., Ltd., and is responsible for industry and commerce, quality supervision and commerce. The home improvement committee and other departments fully support and co-organize. With its authoritative industry, strong brand lineup, and face-to-face exhibition marketing model, it has been fully recognized by the ancient city home industry. It provided a brand-new exhibition marketing platform for Xi'an Building Materials Home Furnishing Industry. At the same time, it provided consumers with quality services that are reliable, comfortable and comfortable. It has become a veritable “Western Home First Exhibition”.

                    Ribault Fresh Air's latest series of cabinets brought together a large number of visitors' parking consultations in the showroom. The minimalist all-white fashion appearance is the best choice for Yan valued parties; the original imported full-frequency motor guarantees a stable and strong heart. Appreciating the value of the more powerful, has become the focus of the participants of the exhibitors have stopped consulting, popular popularity makes the large exhibition hall crowded slightly crowded.

                    In recent years, smog has become a hot topic after lunch, and more and more people are concerned about the relationship between air quality and physical health. Ruiboen PM2.5 full heat exchange one machine appeared instantaneously has become a hot "topic" selection of the British 3M original imported series of filters, a unique 4-channel filter system, to ensure the maximum degree of air purification, ensure air quality, ensure that Indoor air is clean and safe.

                    For southerners, indoor humidity is always unspeakable. However, the problem of moisture is not limited to the south. This exhibition brings together people from all parts of the world from the south to the north. “How to effectively dehumidify” is for most people. They are all in the throat and cannot find the most effective way. Ruiboun dehumidification fresh air integrated machine, through the combination of two-way flow technology to achieve dehumidification and fresh air synchronous operation. Let the "difficult households" who are disturbed by the damp air find the gospel here.

                    Ruiboen's fresh air system has the dual protection of idols and strength. Based on the world's top air purification systems, it devotes itself to the research, development and production of ventilation and purification equipment for indoor air in the world. With unique craftsmanship and innovative ideas that keep pace with the times. In order to create a cleaner, more environmentally friendly quality of life, we are constantly moving forward.